We Are Here To Serve You

We are here to serve you.

For over 44 years Kumeu Plumbing Ltd has been servicing homes and businesses in Plumbing, Roofing, Drainage, Water Pump servicing, Filtration and Home Heating.

Based in the heart of Kumeu with experienced tradesman servicing Rodney North to South past the Bombay Hills.

Established in 1974 by Darryl and Lynley McDonald, initially operating from their garden shed in Huapai.

Located at 156 main road Kumeu, is Kumeu Plumbing Ltd’s showroom and workshop.

Kumeu Plumbing Ltd covers a large range of services and products, including maintenance programs, or if you require trade associated advice, we can help you.

Kumeu Plumbing Ltd is a proud supporter of Apprenticeship Training.  During the course of over 40 years, we have trained over 45 Plumbing and Gas Fitting Apprentices to ensure that there is a steady ongoing supply of well-trained, knowledgeable tradesman to service the community’s needs in the future including our first female apprentice.

Darryl, as General Manager of Kumeu Plumbing is always available to assist, with his extensive knowledge of the Plumbing and Pump industry.

With two additional family members assisting with running Kumeu Plumbing, another providing contracting with his own drainage business, and another undertaking individual plumbing services, its fair to say its a plumbing and drainage oriented Family.

It is very much a family business where the focus on ‘getting it right the first time’  is of paramount importance.  A clever, hard-working team of tradesman we are very much proud of.  With the benefit of having the ‘old and new’ we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are willing to share.

Call into our showroom.

7.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday

8.30am – 12.30pm Saturday

After hours emergency service available

Our friendly staff are happy to find a resolution to your problem.

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