Book a Plumber at Kumeu Plumbing.

For Plumbing Emergencies and after hour’s service please phone 0800 532 553 and you will be put into contact with the duty Plumber.

Service rates for after hour’s and emergency call-outs are quoted on the telephone voice-message, note this includes a call out fee and a minimum call-out rate of 1 hour.

Kumeu Plumbing’s normal hours are:

  • 7.30 am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Showroom open Saturday mornings, 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • All public, statutory holidays are deemed to be after normal working hours, including weekends.

Emergency Advice

Water Leaks

  • Turn water main off
  • If electrical equipment is wet turn power off
  • Drain system outside if possible (i.e. garden tap)
  • Turn hot water cylinder off.
  • Call Kumeu Plumbing emergency number.

Leaking Roof

  • If leaking into ceiling cavity make small hole in ceiling to release ponding water into container to avoid ceiling collapse.
  • Remove furniture and electrical equipment from the effected area.
  • Call Kumeu Plumbing emergency number.

Blocked Drain

  • Check for debris blocking grating
  • If sewerage drain overflowing do not use toilets, washing machine or taps.
  • Keep water usage to minimum
  • Keep children away from contaminated areas.
  • Call Kumeu Plumbing emergency number.

No Water

  • If on roof-water, check water level in tank.
  • Check down pipes if broken or blocked.
  • Check pump is working, if not call Kumeu Plumbing emergency number.

Algae or discloured Pool Water

  • Bring swimming pool water sample to Kumeu Plumbing for testing.
  • Computerized diagnosis will specify treatment required in easy to follow step by step treatment process.

Contact Us at Kumeu Plumbing for your Plumbing Emergency.