It’s been a hot one!  The hotter it gets, the more water we tend to use.

At this time of the year, we are watching our tanks like hawks carefully trying to avoid that moment you hop into the shower after a hard day’s work and bam, no water!  Install a tank level indicator, options in store.  Water smelly?  KPL have the solution for you.  Whilst our tanks are low, it’s a great time to think about getting your tank cleaned.  Call KPL to discuss or book in your tank clean today, get rid of all those nasties, don’t home them for another year longer.

Autumn leaves are about to fall, some land on your roof and will end up in your tank.  Keep your tank clean of debris.  Pre Tank Filtration options in store.  We also have a large range of UV Filtration options to keep your family safe from point of use single tap to whole house filtration.  Old Wood Burner draughty and inefficient?

KPL stock Firenzo, Kent and Wagener Free Standing or Inbuilt Wood Burners, Clean Air and Non Clean Air models available.    We also have the Wagener Fairburn Cooker, treat yourself to home cooking, generous supplies of Hot Water and Winter Warmth with a Slow Combustion Solid Fuel Cooker by Wagener.

KPL 156 Main Road Kumeu 412 9108.